March 19

How To Create, Share a Bible Verse as An Image


How to Create and Share Bible Verse ImagesWe are becoming a more visual and more mobile culture every day. Creating and sharing Bible verses in a visual medium that is easily accessed on any device helps put a little bit of the Bible into the daily lives of those with whom you are connected on social media. It also helps those people share it with their connections.

You are a busy person, so why should you take the time to share Bible verses in an image format when text is so much quicker?

3 Reasons to Share Bible Verse Images

1. Images capture the attention of people as they scroll through their social media streams

Plain text gets lost in the fast-moving social media streams today. Being visual creations, images grab our attention much better than plain text.

2. Helps reinforce the message of sermons

Whether you are a preacher, Bible study leader, or Sunday school teacher you can share key Bible verses as images throughout the week. This creates an environment where people begin thinking about key points of the lesson. You can do this to reinforce last week's sermon or to begin setting the foundation for next week's sermon.

3. It adds a positive message to the social media stream

With so much negativity in today's world, positive messages stand out and are very meaningful to people. When I miss a few days of sharing Bible verse images, I receive messages from people asking where that day's message is. It is surprising and humbling to realize how many people are reached in my social media streams and beyond by sharing these encouraging, inspirational, and through-provoking Bible verse images.

And you have the capabilities to easily share them on a regular basis…for free.

How to create and share Bible Verse Images

Knowing you are busy, I put together this free, 12 minute video tutorial to show you how to quickly create and share a verse image.

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Get the Bible App™:

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This is a beginning look at how these images can be used in ministry. What questions do you have about making this a part of your ministry strategy? How do you see this being a part of your weekly ministry, sermon prep, or outreach? Share them in the comments section below.


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