My Mission In Our New World

We live in a whole new world where the physical and digital aspects of our lives are ever converging. In some areas we seamlessly weave between the two. In other areas we tend to be more resistant to our preference.

As a church leader you understand the importance of leveraging technology to reach people in today’s culture. However, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out which combination of these technology tools will work best for your congregation.

Where do we begin? What technologies will help your congregation?

There are so many technologies available that it can be overwhelming to know which technologies to adopt and how to leverage them to make disciples in today's technology driven culture.

Having an experienced guide on the journey into this ever-evolving new culture is crucial for church leaders who don’t have time to evaluate and keep up with every option available today.

With over 26 years of experience in technology in ministry, Steve guides church leaders in matching the appropriate digital technologies with their mission and vision.

Specializing in helping you develop a vision and plan for integrating technology into the mission and ministry of your congregation.

  • Coaching you and your team to develop better communication and collaboration skills.
  • Developing Online Training and Discipleship Courses.
  • Understanding and integrating the appropriate expression of an Internet Campus for your congregation to be the church beyond the walls of your church’s building(s).
  • Choosing the right combination of technologies.

My Blog

I share ideas and information via by blog. Most of this information is in the areas of ministry, leadership, Technology, and living in our converged digital-physical world.

Here are a few of the more popular blog posts:

My Bio

I am a leadership and team development coach. I have have served as a ministry applied technology strategist for over twenty years. I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Church Administration with a minor in Computer Information Systems. I also hold a Master of Arts in Religious Education. Most importantly, I am married to my best friend Rachel.

My Work

I have served on staff at churches small, large, mega, and multisite. I have also served in US state capitals, small towns, and foreign countries. No matter the size or location, a major factor so success is healthy leaders who create healthy cultures and lead their teams to higher levels or health and leadership. 

My goal is to help you find the resources you need to unlock the potential of yourself, your family, and your team(s).

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